The Tarot of Insomnia

It’s 3am in the morning and I can’t sleep. So I thought I might explore the Tarot of Insomnia while I’m in that zone… Continue reading


Feeling Sunburned

Last year was hell. Not in a bad soul-destroying way. More in a carbon being slowly crushed into diamonds from the pressure of 100 miles of the Earth’s crust kinda way. My Tarot Card of the Year was The Sun. So it makes sense… Continue reading

Birth Pains

Anyone who’s seen or actually given birth knows it’s an involved and painful process (except for those ridiculous cases where the baby slides out unexpectedly).

There are just so many things that can torture you, such as… Continue reading


Holidaying In The Sun


Through no fault of my own, I’m going on three holidays in the sun this year. And it got me thinking. Which Tarot card would represent this delightful occurrence? It has to be this one, surely… Continue reading


The Shut The Fuq Up Card


Some peeps just don’t know when to shut the f*** up.

They’re the ones who suffer from verbal diarrhoea.

Or foot in mouth disease.

They’re the acquaintance who posts endless tedious updates online. About the food they¬†ate for lunch or the movie they just watched on TV.

Sorry, what? I feel asleep for a sec.

They’re the insensitive friend who shoves baby photos in your face when they know you’ve had trouble conceiving.

It’s an inability to prevent yourself from commenting online – even when you know the trolls are going to come a huntin’ if you do.

So which Tarot card would symbolise this highly annoying character trait?

Probably this one… Continue reading


The Tarot of an Australian Summer


It’s summer in Australia at the moment. There’s been heatwaves and record-breaking storms and sharks in unprecedented numbers. So I thought it might be fun to explore the Tarot of an Australian summer… Continue reading


The Tarot of La La Land


I watched La La Land this afternoon. In Gold Class no less. And I have only one thing to say..

Give it all the awards. Every single one. Stat!

Let’s explore why shall we?

But beware, *spoilers* follow… Continue reading