Evolution Versus Revolution

It took a few weeks for me to feel the New Year’s vibe this year. Usually I rock a solid introvert theme on this night. I stay home and reflect on the year ahead. Maybe do a Tarot spread if I’m feeling that way inclined. But for the first time ever I went down to my hometown’s waterfront and watched the pretty lights explode. I’ve lived here for over 20 years so I figured I should join the mainstream at least once. And this year was it. My brain was still fried from 2017 overload so I wasn’t in a reflecting kinda zone anyways.

Most of the time some kind of motto or plan about the year ahead comes to me in advance, which I then focus on manifesting during New Year’s Eve. Obs that didn’t happen this year. Rather, a thought has slowly crystallised over the last week or so (better late than never!) And it’s this: Evolution rather than revolution.

Let’s unpack that Tarot style, shall we…

I’m not actually sure which Tarot cards represent these two ideas, but I’ll give it a crack. Let’s go with these ones…

Revolution: Knight of Swords + Knight of Wands

Revolutions start with an idea that is then acted upon. The Knight of Swords is full of crazy ideas. The Knight of Wands loves to act, sometimes recklessly. And revolution is nothing if not crazy and reckless.

Evolution #1: Justice

Evolution #2: Judgement

Life Lessons Tarot is all about evolution. Evolution of the self. But I’ve gone with these two cards in particular. The card of Justice brings karma into your life. Things re-set to where they’re meant to be. In Judgement you’re called into action to serve others. This call comes from outside yourself. You might lay the groundwork but you don’t decide the outcome. It just happens.

So what do I mean by ‘evolution rather than revolution’? I’m going to stop raging against the machine. Stop desperately trying to make things happen for myself. Just throw a fishing line or two out into the world and see what I catch, without tying myself in emotional knots about the outcome. As Doris Day sang decades ago (google her millennials), c’e` sara sara. What will be will be.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Would you choose different cards to represent evolution and revolution?

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