The Tarot of Grace and Frankie

My latest television obsession is a Netflix program called ‘Grace and Frankie’.

I don’t know why I enjoy this show so much. I’m not really a series kind-of girl. I prefer my television short and sharp, like mini-series or movies. In a long-term drama character development can often stop making sense in an effort to maintain the excitement.

But I like this one. Maybe because it’s a bit like a middle-age Friends. I enjoy watching the characters negotiate the little everyday challenges that can be thrown your way later on in life.

Let’s dive deep into the Tarot of Grace and Frankie shall we…

First off, the acting is fantastic.

King of Wands: Being at the top of your game

Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, June Diane Raphael, Peter Cambor, Tim Bagley and Peter Gallagher are particularly impressive.

Jane Fonda’s character, Grace, is my favourite. I’d classify her under this card…

Queen of Swords: A biting (but not heartless) wit

Lily Tomlin plays Frankie.

Queen of Cups: Hippy-dippy & maternal

Their husbands leave them in their 70s for one another. They’d been having an affair for the last 20 years and wanted to take their love to the next level.

Temperance: Finding a new balance with your life

Both women are devastated by this development. Frankie because her husband Sol was her soulmate. Grace because her marriage gave her ‘normality’.

Three of Cups: Heartbreak

They are forced to find a new way to live.

Eight of Cups: Searching for new sources of emotional support

What surprises them both is that they find comfort in one another.

Two of Cups: Friendship

This friendship develops through their mutual desire to live in a co-owned beach house, instead of their marital homes (understandably!)

Three of Pentacles: Working together

Grace & Frankie are supported by family members as well, who each have their own dramas going on.

Grace’s daughter Brianna, runs her mother’s company and can sound like a bit of a be-atch, but she means well.

Knight of Swords: Being brutally honest

Grace’s other daughter, Mallory, has lots of children and seems perpetually harassed.

Two of Pentacles: Juggling lots of balls in the air

Frankie’s eldest son is very earnest and has followed his father into the family divorce firm.

Knight of Pentacles: Realistic & hardworking

Her other son is a bit of a dreamer and has just come out of rehab.

Knight of Cups: Lacking self-restraint

Not surprisingly, their ex-husbands are their Tarot matches.

Grace’s husband, Robert is this card…

King of Swords: Rational (and an occasional arsehole)

Frankie’s husband, Sol…

King of Cups: A very caring man

Naturally, many things change over the course of the series but the two constants are the friendship between Grace & Frankie and their love for their home. Two things that anchor us all. Which makes their story so relatable.

Have you watched this show? What did you think?

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