The Fading of Facebook

Well, Kylie Jenner certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons a few days ago, when she sent out this tweet…

That one tweet cost Snapchat $1.7 billion on the share market (which just goes to show how nebulous social media businesses are).

There is no doubt that the Kardashian-Jenners are serious social influencers (I pay scant attention to their goings-on but here I am writing about them.) Which would be this card…

Queen of Pentacles Reversed: Setting superficial social standards

It’s not just Snapchat taking a hit at the moment. That tweet has led many media peeps to speculate on social media in general and several commentators have pointed out the declining relevance of Facebook, particularly amongst the young. I’ve noticed as well, in my own circles, that after the initial excitement and flurry of posts, friends on Facebook drop away. Comments become occasional, if at all.

Tastes change. Which would be this card…

Have you ‘gone off’ any social media lately?

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