Saturday Night Fight Club: Delusion Vs Psychosis

Delusion and psychosis are similar states of being but vary in intensity.

Delusion is when you kid yourself but kind of know it deep down.

Psychosis is when you kid yourself to the point you’ve completely lost touch with reality.

So how do you tell the difference in a Tarot reading?

Delusion would be this card…

Six of Cups Reversed: Wanting to live in a fantasy

Psychosis would be this card…

The Moon Reversed: Being controlled by your unconscious.

You can see the different intensity of these experiences straight up by the fact the former is an Everyday Tarot card and the latter a Life Lessons card.

I’ve definitely been guilty of the former, especially when it comes to relationships, and have had the traumatic experience of witnessing the latter in someone close to me.

Have you had any experience of mental illness?

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