The Tarot of the Facebook Scandal

I heart this meme.

It’s been created in response to the current scandal surrounding Facebook which has seen many users ditch the social media platform. In the most damaging controversy to ever hit Facebook it has been accused of allowing another company to harvest personal data to influence the last U.S. election.

So which Tarot cards are involved?

Zuckerberg claims he’s a victim of this…

Six of Cups: Naivety

But Facebook makes an enormous amount of money out of selling its data so the reaction to this claim has been…

King of Swords Reversed: Skepticism

Peeps are furious

Knight of Swords: Lashing out

Because we feel deceived…

Ten of Swords: Betrayal

We feel used and abused by Facebook…

The Devil: In an abusive relationship

To the point where the hashtag #deletefacebook has been trending worldwide

The World: Being in synch with one another

Have you deleted your Facebook app?

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