Parkland Students Plastic Backpacks

Like many other people I suspect, I’ve been blown away by the actions of the Parkland students, in response to the terrible tragedy that occurred at their school. Shockingly, these children are being forced to become political activists in the face of the appalling apathy shown by the adults who are meant to care for them.

As an Australian, I find this hard to comprehend. We had a massive gun buy-back after a mass shooting in the 90s and there have been no comparable events since. Prioritising gun ownership over lives is valuing our fears over love. It just seems wrong.

The Parkland High students have recently been given clear plastic schoolbags to ‘keep them safe’. The idea is that no one can hide a gun in a clear bag (um, they could just put another bag inside it, surely. Doh!) The students are not happy about this pathetic gesture, not to mention the invasion of their privacy (tampons!), and have decorated the bags to express their displeasure.

Here are a few examples…

My favourite slogan:

You can see through our backpacks but we can see through your…

Some took the opportunity to take their local senator to task. Orange tags marked $1.05 refer to the money he receives from the NRA divided by the number of students in Florida. The bags cost $10 each.

So what is the Tarot of this situation?

These kids are warriors. Fighting a battle that just keeps going on and on.

This card…

Nine of Wands: Fighting on despite the hits you’ve taken

What’s your thoughts on the Parkland students?

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