The Tarot of Mental Illness

I’ve talked about mental illness before. But in my opinion, as someone who’s had extensive experience in this area, you can never talk about it enough. There are lots of peeps suffering out there with one form or another of this insidious disease.

Let’s dive deep into the Tarot of Mental Illness shall we…

Tarot cards often turn up reversed in a reading about mental illness, because the energy is being expressed inappropriately or negatively.

Five of Pentacles: Low self-esteem. Self-hatred.

Six of Cups Reversed: Delusion

Six of Swords Reversed: Stuck in grief

Nine of Swords Reversed: Anxiety. Insomnia. Nightmares.

Nine of Wands Reversed: Paranoia

Ten of Swords: Depression

Temperance Reversed: Chemical imbalance e.g. Bipolar

The Devil Reversed: Addiction issues. Alcoholism. Drugs. Prescription meds.

The Tower Reversed: Panic attacks. Breakdown.

The Star Reversed: Suicidal


The Moon Reversed: Hallucinations. Psychosis. Being controlled by your subconscious. This can be one serious mother*cker of a card.

If your experience these disorders you might find this happening…

The Hermit: You’re referred to a therapist

The Star: Medication. Hospitalisation.

The Moon: Your condition is serious enough to require long-term therapy from a specialist, such as a psychiatrist.

So you are able to do this…

Eight of Cups: Find another way to operate

So that you can…

Temperance: Become a healthier version of yourself

And then…

The Sun: Be a better version of yourself

Have you had any experience with mental illness?

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