Tarot: The one-step do-it-yourself know-thyself kit!

Know ThyselfThere were 3 sayings written in the stone on the temple walls at Delphi in Ancient Greece and the first and most important was: Know Thyself.

You’d think knowing yourself would be easy, wouldn’t you? And maybe when you’re a kid it is. You know what makes you happy (ice-cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles mashed together with a spoon, sorry, was that just me?) and what makes you mad (your sister wearing your clothes without asking permission, my daughters in this case). But as you grow you get imprinted with the expectations of others – parents, friends, teachers, boss, the media, husband/wife – and it’s easy to get confused about what it is you really really want from life. It’s easy to forget what makes you happy (although I highly recommend starting with a good cup of tea).

That’s where Tarot comes in. Ask a question and pull a card (or ten, if you know how to do a spread) and it will give you an answer. And whether you believe it’s divine guidance or your subconscious or nothing at all guiding the fall of the cards in interpreting the message you are forced to dig into your psyche and thus get to know yourself better.

Tarot: The one-step do-it-yourself know-thyself kit. Have you tried it yet?

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