Nine of Swords: Everything will come up smelling of roses (eventually)

9 Swords

This is one of three cards that came up for me during the spread I did on my last birthday to represent the overall themes of the year ahead.

I have been taught to believe that this card represents ‘needless worry’ i.e. It is telling me that I am worrying about nothing. Yet that has not been my experience of it.┬áThe problems I have been facing recently have definitely needed my attention. They have not been problems I could ignore. Not been phantoms of my night-time imagination. So ‘needless worry’ just doesn’t cut it for me as the best description for the Nine of Swords.

Just look at the picture. There are a lot of swords hanging over that bed i.e. the problem you are facing with this card is not a little one, it is huge, mega. It is a problem that keeps you awake at night. But the telling detail for me comes in the bedspread which is covered in roses. Despite the incredible difficulty now being faced the person who gets this card can be sure that everything will come up smelling of roses – eventually.

What about you? How do you interpret the Nine of Swords?

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