Tarot Card Reading 101


There are a lot of ‘official’ Tarot card spreads you can use. My personal favorite is the 10-card Celtic Cross (I’ll explain that in a later post). But you don’t need anything fancy the first time you do a reading. Just ask yourself a question, shuffle the cards and when you feel ready pull one from the pack.

In order to understand the card’s message you can:

(a) Look up its meaning in books or on the internet. There will be several to choose from.

(b) Meditate on the images in the card. There is lots to ponder in each one. See what pops out for you and focus on what that might symbolize.

Then (c) go with the meaning that ‘feels right’. (I never said Tarot card reading was an exact science, lol.)

Have a go and share your experiences below.

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