Why The Star is Underrated!

The Star

I’ve always had a problem with the definitions ascribed to The Star: calm, peace of mind, feeling hopeful. They sound kind of lame. But let’s face it, a card that comes after The Tower and before The Moon in the Tarot deck is going be anything but lame.

This card doesn’t signify a peaceful calm time in your life. Bollocks to that. Look at the picture. The woman is naked, completely vulnerable. The scene has an unreal air signifying a flight from reality. The Star is the place we go when it all gets too much, when we need time out. It is the fantasy world we retreat to while the storm rages outside. The waters we dip in to renew our spirit. It is sitting in the dark watching a movie bawling your eyes out after a break-up. It is heading to the coast for a surf after a fight with your girlfriend. It is locking yourself in your room to listen to music at top volume after being told off by your parents.

You are not just hopeful, you are holding onto hope with every fibre of your being while you drown in despair.

I’ve definitely been there. Have you?

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