Two Heads (Cards) Are Better Than One, Don’t You Think?

The more Tarot cards you pull out of the pack the more refined the advice will become. But warning warning danger danger don’t pull so many that the message gets lost altogether. Start slowly. Try two to begin with.

Let’s have a look using cards we’ve talked about already.


Eight of Wands = Things happening. The Star = Time out. So when you get these two together it might be that the cards are telling you to take a break for a while from all the frenetic activity you’ve been engaged in i.e. Put down your work tools and read a book or go to the beach or catch up with some friends over dinner.

The Tower = Reaching breaking point. The Star = Time out. This is what I was talking about in my last post. In this case the cards are telling you to retreat to a safe place to lick your wounds because you’ve been through a really hard time. Take a holiday. Maybe run home to mummy (I’ve done that even as an adult, lol.) Try not to loose yourself in booze.

Note that in the first reading there is an Everyday and a Lifelesson card whereas in the second both are Lifelesson cards. Thus you would expect the emotions and experiences to be much more intense with the second reading.

Now, what if the cards came out in reverse order? Ah, we’ll leave that to a later post. Thoughts?

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