The Tarot of Marian Keyes’ The Break

I’ve just finished reading Marian Keyes’ novel ‘The Break’. Most peeps who like to write like to read. And I am no exception. It’s always a bit of fun to investigate the Tarot of everyday life. So let’s dive deep into the Tarot of ‘The Break’. No spoilers, I promise. Continue reading

Ways Of Being Successful According To The Good Book Tarot (Part 1)

You can achieve success in various ways according to the good book Tarot. Here are the ones that stand out for me from the Everyday Tarot part of the deck.

4 Wands

Four of Wands: Success at bagging yourself a partner or getting people to generally wish you well using your social skills.

6 Wands

Six of Wands: Success achieved through natural talents or skills developed over the years. You experience this type of success after being in a job for awhile. It’s when you’ve learnt how to work the ropes to get what you want in the workplace.

6 Pents

Six of Pentacles: Success thanks to another party. Maybe you win Tattslotto or get an inheritance.

7 Swords

Seven of Swords: Success by being a master tactician or sneaky bastard. And if you’re both the world is your chupa chup (my daughter insists I say this, she doesn’t like oysters). A shout out here to our friend Lance (see previous post)!

8 Wands

Eight of Wands: Success at achieving something you’ve been working towards. Such as getting funding for a business idea. It’s the kind of success that comes out of the blue after a hard slog.


9 Pents

Nine of Pentacles: Success achieved all by yourself.

9 Cups

Nine of Cups: Just generally feeling successful.

As a teacher I employ many of these scenarios. I use my experience (6 Wands) and strategy (7 Swords) to maximise learning in the classroom and have benefitted from being well looked after by my bosses (6 Pentacles).

Are you experiencing any of these types of Tarot success right now in your life? You know the drill, please share.

The Eight of Wands: Christmas for Grown Ups!

8 Wands

I love getting the Eight of Wands but it doesn’t happen often. This card means things are going to happen for you quickly. Look at the imagery. Eight wands are flying down to earth. Buds blossom from the wood. The land is green and fertile primed for new growth.

Once you get into your 30s and 40s life becomes pretty dull and routine. Not that this is a bad thing, I love my dull routine. But it’s good to have something change every once in a while. Keeps you on your toes. And with the Eight of Wands it’s change that you have actually been working towards. The sky suddenly opens up in an area of your life where things have felt stalled. It’s like receiving a gift. Like Christmas for grown ups.

I’m working towards publishing novels. That is the Eight of Wands change I am seeking in my life. What about you? What would you like to grow?