Two of Swords: I Don’t Want To Think About It!

2 Swords

Here is the Two of Swords card. A woman sits with her arms crossed over her chest. Both hands hold upright swords. Behind her, the sea, full of rocks. A blindfold covers her eyes.

She doesn’t want to see. The arms crossing her chest protect her heart. Swords represent thoughts i.e. your attitude to a situation. The number two is black & white, yin & yang, opposites: You’re in or you’re out. The sea is emotions.

When you get this card there is something you don’t want to think about. You have deep, rocky feelings about whatever the issue is and you’re not ready to face them yet. Not ready to open yourself up emotionally.

I get this card a lot. I’m good at living in denial (it has its advantages!) What about you?

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