Two Of Swords: Home Alone

2 Swords

I had a rare night home alone last night and loved it sick. Long-time readers of this blog will know how much I like my down time. As an introvert I love¬†shutting the doors and locking out the world. Getting some mental space.¬†IMO there’s nothing better than slothing on the couch with complete control of the remote not having to worry about whether everyone’s been fed and the dishes done. I highly recommend it.

The Devil + Two Of Swords: Introverts Don’t Flourish Under Pressure!

So I’m deep in the Year Of The Devil card and feeling the heat baby. Under pressure at work and at home. And I’m finding it difficult to write on this blog (you might have noticed, lol.) The problem is I’m an introvert. A rare species but we do exist. Us introverts need time to ourselves or we become exhausted, unable to perform any but the most basic functions. It’s a fact. A phenomenon. I read this great article today about how introverts write in a different way to extroverts. We can’t just push through, we have to make space in our heads for the words to come. And that’s what I don’t have any of at the moment: head space. Apologies for my slackness but I promise I will write when I can.

Any other introverts out there find it hard to write when they’re tired?

Can Tarot cards be good and bad at the same time?

I’ve been thinking about what I said in another post about all Tarot cards having a positive and negative expression and wondering if that is really true. The cards can certainly be expressed in different ways but do they all have a good and a bad side? I thought we might explore this question a little using the Two of Swords which we looked at yesterday.

2 SwordsI subtitled this card: ‘I don’t want to think about it.’ As I explained, it comes up when you’re not ready to mentally explore some area of your life which is a bit of a can of worms. When you can’t handle thinking about it. I would say that this is a negative expression of this card because in this situation you are being dysfunctional.

And the positive? Maybe it’s when the card is trying to tell you that you don’t need to deal with something right now. When it’s giving you permission to withdraw from a situation because there is too much information for you to process. The problem in this case isn’t with you, it’s with some outside source. In this case you are the functional one.

Maybe rather than talking about positive and negative it would be better to talk about functional and non-functional expressions of each card.

What do you think?

Two of Swords: I Don’t Want To Think About It!

2 Swords

Here is the Two of Swords card. A woman sits with her arms crossed over her chest. Both hands hold upright swords. Behind her, the sea, full of rocks. A blindfold covers her eyes.

She doesn’t want to see. The arms crossing her chest protect her heart. Swords represent thoughts i.e. your attitude to a situation. The number two is black & white, yin & yang, opposites: You’re in or you’re out. The sea is emotions.

When you get this card there is something you don’t want to think about. You have deep, rocky feelings about whatever the issue is and you’re not ready to face them yet. Not ready to open yourself up emotionally.

I get this card a lot. I’m good at living in denial (it has its advantages!) What about you?