Four of Swords: Let Me Sleep On That!

4 Swords

Three swords hang ominously over a man who is resting or asleep. The fourth lies beneath his bed, he is literally sleeping on it. It’s all a bit Princess and the Pea. Remember how that pea kept her awake night after night tossing and turning, well I’m guessing the sword under this dude’s mattress plays a similar role. The swords on the wall indicate that there is something hanging over this bloke’s head, something he needs to think about, work out. And his hands are raised as if praying for guidance.

What this card is saying is that you need to step away, take some time out, rest awhile. Someplace peaceful, away from the madding crowd, like a church maybe or a tropical island (I’ll vote for the latter). It could indicate a holiday or a hospital stay or that you just need to think about something on your own for awhile before making a decision. It might  be holing up at home to work on some creative project like writing a blog (yay!) or being locked away to serve a period in jail (gulp!). In some way you are stepping out of the rush and ebb of daily life. Hence the coffin.

I quite like getting this card. It’s always good to be given permission to take a break. And let’s face it, most of us who are busy juggling family/work responsibilities need to be given permission to escape, don’t you reckon? Although putting down the iPhone and cutting off the laptop internet supply is a big big ask.

How good are you at taking time out when you feel the need?

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