The Tarot Of Reading

Recently I stayed up reading till 6am. I’m hopeless. Once I start a good book I find it hard to put it down. For that reason I limit myself to reading on the holidays. Otherwise I’d get nothing done, lol. Three recent favorites are above. Let’s explore the Tarot of Reading, shall we?

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Seven Of Pentacles Reversed: What’s The Point In Trying?

I’m having one of those days when I just can’t get my head straight. There’s a million things I could do but none of them seem to be getting me anywhere. So why bother? Which makes me think of this card…

7 Pents R

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The Tarot Of Christmas Holidays

As some peeps begin to return to work after the long Christmas-New Year break I thought it might be a good time to explore the Tarot of these holidays.

10 Wands

Ten Of Wands: How we feel before the holidays begin. Over-burdened. Exhausted. Especially at Christmas time when present shopping and school concerts and card sending and work functions are added to the usual load.

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Four Of Swords: While I Was Sleeping…

4 Swords

Wowser! While I was sleeping I gained a 100 more FB followers and a few more on this blog. Aw, shucks. And here I was thinking you’d all desert me (fair enough too) because I’ve been so slack. I’d like to think I provide quality content which stands the test of time and this suggests that maybe I do. Thanks for sticking by me through the thick and (very) thin. I had no idea an hour ago that I was about to write a slew of posts, it just happened. And that’s how I want this blog on Tarot cards to be: propelled by intuition. As a good friend of mine said recently, she can always tell when I’m not on fire. I don’t want to let you down by writing when I’m not at my best (although let’s face it, I probably still will from time to time, lol.) I guess I’ll see ya when I see ya.

Four Of Swords: Sweet Sweet Sleep

4 Swords

I’ve just woken up from a 12 hour sleep coma, oh the bliss. I’m a big fan of the weekend lie in. I tend to run on empty during the week but I black out Saturday and Sunday mornings on my schedule as much as possible to enable me to stay in bed until I wake. And always feel better for it. Too many people seem to undervalue the therapeutical benefits of a good night’s sleep and don’t factor it into their busy lifestyles. They just grab what rest they can around the edges of their lives. Personally, I think this is a big mistake. Tiredness leads to poor decision making and a loss of enjoyment in life. Or worse. I’ve witnessed first hand how the inability to sleep can be a major factor in mental health issues.

The Four Of Swords card represents time out from the stresses of daily life and nothing gives you a mental pick-me-up quicker than a good night’s sleep. I highly recommend it.

What about you? Are you good at sleeping or terrible at it?

Tarot Thoughts On Blogging

So, I’ve been blogging for a while now and thought I’d explore my experience through Tarot cards…

Page Swords

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