Four of Swords: Let Me Sleep On That!

4 Swords

Three swords hang ominously over a man who is resting or asleep. The fourth lies beneath his bed, he is literally sleeping on it. It’s all a bit Princess and the Pea. Remember how that pea kept her awake night after night tossing and turning, well I’m guessing the sword under this dude’s mattress plays a similar role. The swords on the wall indicate Continue reading

Why The Star is Underrated!

The Star

I’ve always had a problem with the definitions ascribed to The Star: calm, peace of mind, feeling hopeful. They sound kind of lame. But let’s face it, a card that comes after The Tower and before The Moon in the Tarot deck is going be anything but lame.

This card doesn’t signify a peaceful calm time in your life. Bollocks to that. Look at the picture. Continue reading