Fifty Shades Of Tarot

50 ShadesI know, I know. This blog’s title is a shameless ploy to hop on someone else’s gravy train, isn’t it? Well why not I say! It’s true. And I’m not talking about Tarot as a whole, no siree, it’s bigger than that. Every single card has about 50 different shades, 50 different versions of what it means. So my blog title may be shameless but it’s also appropriate.

How’s that work you ask? Don’t the cards just mean what they mean? Well, the thing is, there’s positive interpretations and negative ones (notice the plural ‘s’ here). There are occasions when a small detail in the picture becomes the focus. The message can also be thrown into a whole new light by the situation you are dealing with or the question you have asked.

Confused? That’s normal when you start exploring Tarot. It employs a different method of conveying information than we are used to in the western world. But that’s what makes it sooo interesting. And after awhile you find you can pick up on the different shades of meaning for yourself.

Let’s look at 50 shades (or maybe a few less) of cards we have discussed before.

6 Cups

The Six of Cups can refer to…A situation in the past. Meeting up with someone from your past in the present. Being in love. Living in a fantasy world. Being emotionally unbalanced (This may be me but I just don’t trust that guy in the dwarf hat.) Feeling nostalgic or sentimental. Being naive. Shall I go on?

4 Pents

The Four of Pentacles. The cheapskate. The possessive. The scrooge. But also. The budgeter. The family provider. Having good financial reserves to draw on. As well as. Protective. Materialistic. The control freak. And so forth.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man. Making sacrifices. Being pushed out of your comfort zone. Looking for answers. Meditating. Reflection. Suspension of your driver’s license. Resignation (both types). Engagement. Pregnancy. Renovations. Having your world turned upside down. Waiting for a sign. Time dragging. Plans being put on hold. Martyrdom. Indecision. Yoga.

Yep. All these possibilities from one little man.

Have you got any more to add to the lists above? Cause there’s always more when it comes to Tarot. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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