Fifty Shades Of Tarot


Yesterday I wrote about the Tarot of Fifty Shades of Grey. Today I’m gonna flip that around and write about Fifty Shades of Tarot. A bit of a recap of some of the things we’ve discussed in the last couple of months with maybe a few bonus extras thrown in. Hold onto your hats. It’s going to be a long one. The mother of all my posts.

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Fifty Shades Of Tarot

50 ShadesI know, I know. This blog’s title is a shameless ploy to hop on someone else’s gravy train, isn’t it? Well why not I say! It’s true. And I’m not talking about Tarot as a whole, no siree, it’s bigger than that. Every single card has about 50 different shades, 50 different versions of what it means. So my blog title may be shameless but it’s also appropriate.

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