Five of Pentacles: It’s a Beautiful Beautiful Life!

5 Pents

Two people in ragged clothing walk barefoot in the snow looking mighty sore and sorry for themselves, ignoring the lighted window of what looks like a church (stained glass window) in their vicinity. It’s all very doom and gloom. As so many singers have sung, ‘Oh baby, it’s cold outside.’

As I mentioned yesterday this card has been turning up in my readings for years. I was taught to believe it means ‘poverty consciousness’ i.e. feeling poor. Which I do. All the time. There’s never enough is there? Whenever I got this card I felt like I was getting a good hard shake. A reminder to stop being so woe is me. Fair enough. There’s always someone worse off.

Anyhow, last night I had a revelation. Every Tarot card has a positive and negative expression and so as I was writing about the Five of Pentacles I began speculating for the first time what its positive expression might be. You know, cause I never pondered that before, cause I always just assumed I was being told off for being pathetic and deservedly so. Yet sometimes I have got this card and haven’t been feeling hard done by. So what else could it mean?

I’m thinking it acts as a reminder that there is beauty and light in your life. And just by looking in a different direction, seeing things in a different way, you will find the reassurance you seek. Sometimes you need to hear about your blessings from a third party in order to notice them. This being the FIVE of Pentacles, not one, two, three or four, there must be several things that are bringing you happiness without you noticing. How wonderful is that?

At the moment I’m a mass of food intolerances. It’s like the new Western Civilisation disease. And for a few months there I had to give up milky tea, my great love and one bad addiction (I like it very very milky, preferably frothy, you might have heard). But I’ve discovered a new milk I can drink without digestive repercussions. There’s a Five of Pentacles example if ever there was one. I might not be able to eat heaps of food but I can still have my cups of tea. I’m drinking some right now, toasting you beloved readers, who are here giving a new kid on the blog block a go.

Let’s toast the Five of Pentacles as well. A reminder that despite our hardships it’s a beautiful beautiful life!

Do you have any Five of Pentacles moments you could share?

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