This Versus That

To understand Tarot it helps to compare cards with one another. We’ve met the cards below in previous posts. They both signify that it’s time to have a break in some way. Let’s explore their similarities and differences shall we?

The Four of Swords is from the Everyday Tarot end of the deck which indicates an event that’s common (everyday, get it?) The Star however is a Life Lessons card which suggests a significant event. One you’ll definitely notice in the scheme of things. It’ll kinda stand out.

The Star is urgent, the Four of Swords is not.

The Star deals with feelings (notice the cups), the Four of Swords with thoughts (that’s the sword part).

The Four of Swords comes up when taking a mental break from something will be helpful to you. The Star comes up when you desperately need to take an emotional break from a situation because you just can’t take anymore.

And then there’s the Hangman. He’s taking a break as well, just look at him hanging around.

The Hanged Man

How does his version of time out differ? Well, he’s a Life Lessons card so we know for a start that he points to a significant issue. What’s he doing up that tree? He’s sitting on something like the Princess and the Pea. Waiting for something in his situation to shift. A process to end. For his world to stop feeling like its upside down.

To sum up:

Four of Swords: Taking a mental break.

The Hanged Man: Waiting for some major life change.

The Star: Possibly having an emotional break-down.

Watching TV. Renovating your house. Leaving your husband or wife.

Comprende? Or is it all as clear as mud? What say you teaclubbers?

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