The Star: Sheltering From The Storm

I’d like to clarify something I said yesterday. I suggested that The Star could signify someone leaving their husband or wife. That’s not quite right. It’s more the period straight after you’ve left them. Let me explain.

The Star card is part of Life Lessons Tarot, the incredibly profound inner book which traces the significant experiences we all have as human beings. It comes after The Tower card and before The Moon as follows:

The Tower is the card which represents the actual break up whereas The Star represents the release and relief and unreality you feel after you have left (or been left, The Tower can cut both ways) before you start to deal with the repercussions. It’s like the eye of the storm. You know there’s more grief coming but you don’t deal with it just yet.

It’s the phone call to your girlfriends after you’ve been dumped and they remind you what a loser he was.

It’s shutting yourself in the study after an argument with your wife.

It’s the comfort you feel in church.

It’s the refuge for battered women.

It’s the turning your stereo up loud in your bedroom after a fight with your parents and losing yourself in the music. (However, if you lost yourself in drugs and alcohol that would be The Devil card.)

It’s the angels who deliver food to your doorstep or take care of your children when you’re ill.

It’s the fire truck coming to put out the flames in your house. The cavalry arriving to take the weight off your shoulders.

It’s a time when you might not have your head straight but you get some relief from the anguish. You don’t deal with whatever the problem may be. That’s Moon card territory.

I expect to be clarifying my posts a lot. Because as I’ve said each Tarot card comes in 50 shades. I’m hoping you’ll help clarify them too. How do you shelter from the storm?

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