Heartache vs Heartbreak

Yesterday I described the Five of Cups as being about heart-break and the Three of Swords as being about heart-ache. I want to explore today what I meant by that. Let’s have a look at them shall we?

The Three of Swords: Three swords (surprise surprise) are plunged through a heart against a grey rainy background. You can tell the wound is an old one as no blood is dripping down. There’s a lot of tears (that’s the rain) around this issue whatever it is. What’s interesting is that swords represent thoughts. So the pain in this card is caused by a thought e.g. ‘Nobody cares about me’ ‘No one listens to me’ ‘People think I’m fat’. Whichever way you look at it, the Three of Swords cuts deep. (Boom! Boom!)

Five of Cups: A man in a black mourning cloak contemplates cups in front of him whose contents have been spilled. (We’ll just ignore the full ones behind him for the moment. That’s a whole other story.) Cups represent feelings. This man is obviously mourning some fresh emotional loss in his life.

So what we have is fresh pain (Five of Cups) versus ancient heartache (Three of Swords). Often a new hurt sets off the old so you get the double whammy e.g. Your partner leaves and you tell yourself it’s because you’re not pretty enough.

Other cards you get with these ones in a reading will clarify the message they’re sending.

The Tower

If you get The Tower: A break-ups on the cards (again, boom boom!)

2 Cups

If you get the Two of Cups: It’s about a partnership in your life.

The Star

If you get The Star: You need to take time out from this situation. Get away.

6 Swords

If you get the Six of Swords: You’re moving on from the grief.

The Devil

If you get The Devil: He/she wasn’t right for you and you’ve had a lucky escape. (Although it might not feel that way.)

4 Pents

If you get the Four of Pentacles: He/she was a tightarse with their money or their emotions. (Or maybe you were???)

6 Cups

If you get the Six of Cups: Someone’s living in fantasy land.

3 Cups

If you get the Three of Cups: Hanging out with friends is going to help you get over the hurt.

8 Cups

If you get the Eight of Cups: It’s time for you to move on and try something (someone?) else.

Queen Swords

If you get the Queen of Swords: You can cope with the pain no matter how much it hurts and won’t fall apart.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Any of these situations feel familiar to you?

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