The Relationship Who’s Who of Cups

In Tarot a cup represents feelings. Cup cards therefore refer to the relationships in your life. You can kind of break them down as follows:

Ace Cups

Ace of Cups: Baby or Soul Mate

2 Cups

Two of Cups: Partnerships e.g. Best friends. Boyfriend/girlfriend. Boss/Employee.

3 Cups

Three of Cups: Your girlfriends or your mates

4 Cups

Four of Cups: Marriage

5 Cups

Five of Cups: Break Ups

6 Cups

Six of Cups: First love. Fantasy love (possibly too good to be true). Past love.

7 Cups

Seven of Cups: Choosing with your heart (or for money and possessions, which is it?)

8 Cups

Eight of Cups: Giving up on a relationship and looking for someone new.

9 Cups

Nine of Cups: Being satisfied with your relationships.

10 Cups

Ten of Cups: Immediate Family. (Ten of Pentacles is your extended family.)

Knight Cups

Knight of Cups: Your ideal lover.

Any other suggestions?

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