The Tarot of Marian Keyes’ The Break

I’ve just finished reading Marian Keyes’ novel ‘The Break’. Most peeps who like to write like to read. And I am no exception. It’s always a bit of fun to investigate the Tarot of everyday life. So let’s dive deep into the Tarot of ‘The Break’. No spoilers, I promise. Continue reading

The Tarot of The Women’s March


I attended the Women’s March in Melbourne this afternoon. The first of many being held around the world in support of the Women’s Marches in the U.S. tomorrow. Six thousand of us turned up. Not a shabby turnout for a sunny weekend day during summer.

I’m not a regular political activist. I don’t join marches at the drop of a hat. So I want to explore the Tarot of what I experienced… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: The Tarot Of Game Of Thrones Season 1

GoT1Throwback Thursday is a chance to revisit some of my favorite posts. Seeing as how fans like myself are beginning to rev up for the next season of GoT I thought I’d take the opportunity to revisit where the TV show began by republishing the Tarot of Game of Thrones Season One. Continue reading

The Tarot Of Game Of Thrones Season One

So I made the fatal mistake of letting a boy in my local video shop (yes, some of us still hire them instead of downloading them off the internet) talk me into renting the first few episodes of the TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’. Now of course I’m hooked. Hooked and repulsed in equal measure because Lord Of The Rings it is not. The good guys don’t necessarily win. Justice doesn’t prevail.

But I’m enjoying the characters. The women are unexpectedly diverse and well-rounded. And even though I haven’t quite got to the end of season one I thought it would be fun to explore the Tarot of the leads.

King Wands

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FYI: The Medical Tarot

I thought we might have a look today at Tarot cards associated with medical issues. NOTE: Just because these cards turn up in a reading does NOT mean you have a medical condition. As I keep on saying, there are 50 shades of Tarot, 50 possible meanings (or thereabouts), for each card. Please take the following with a large grain of salt. Some I’m sure of. Others are educated guesses.

9 Wands

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The Tarot of The Anne Hathaway Les Mis Parody

I’ve found another top video clip for your entertainment. A Les Mis spoof in which a pseudo Anne Hathaway begs Academy Members not to forget her dream come Oscar night to the tune of Fantine’s big song in Les Miserables ‘I Dreamed A Dream’. You can find the link at:

Hmmmmm. Not sure which card to file this one under.

The Fool

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The Tarot Of Lance Armstrong’s Confession

I started this post several weeks ago when it was the watercooler story of the day. Then put it on ice when I went away on holiday. But Lance’s very qualified confession makes it the story that just keeps on giving. There seem to be so many levels to his deception. A few more were explored tonight on a cutting edge Australian current affairs program ‘Four Corners’.

So let’s have a look at the Tarot of Lance Armstrong’s confession.

The Devil

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Three Of Swords: Stabbing Yourself In The Heart

3 SwordsBack at the campsite again. Hasn’t stopped raining since I set up the tent. Some poles are bent and the fly is leaking after the other night’s little fiasco. Just lost my first version of this post in the ether. That’s the kind of year I’m having.

I must be worn out from all the dramas this week (either that or from staying up to the wee hours catching up on my Internet interests while back home) because I had a total freak out Continue reading

The Tarot Of The Dark Knight Rises!

I finally got around to watching The Dark Knight Rises months after everyone else. Am not a big fan of movie violence so was a bit meh about the action but enjoyed the characters and the plot. Let’s have a look at the Tarot of this movie…


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