Jobs For The Boys (I Mean Kings)

This is an equal opportunity blog so it seems only fair to do to the boys what was done to the girls yesterday, keeping tongue firmly in cheek as we ask: What kind of man does each King card represent? What kind of job might he have?

King Wands

King of Wands: A man who wants to be his own boss or live on the wildside. The small business man. The self-employed. The entrepreneur. The media magnate. The high-rise window-washer. The wildlife warrior. The fireman. The emergency services worker. The primary school teacher. The demolitions expert. The film director.

King Swords

King of Swords: A man who cuts through the crap. The butt kicker. The CEO. The lawyer. The accountant. The judge. The justice of the peace. The salary man. The human rights activist. The humanitarian. The writer. The philosopher. The journalist. The blogger. The academic. The army officer. The diplomat. The linguist. The researcher. The scientist. The detective. The computer programmer.

King Cups

King of Cups: A man who acts from the heart. The team player. The tortured artiste. The stay-at-home dad. The doctor. The over-stretched social worker. The musician. The pub owner (and the alcoholic). The priest. The anti-hunting protestor. The childcare worker. The communist. The vet. The actor.

King Pents

King of Pentacles: A man who respects traditions. The business man. The tradie working with his hands. The hard working employee. The board member. The president of the local Rotary club. The parliamentarian. The bishop. The historian. The TV newsreader. The sugar daddy. The suit and tie. The Republican.

Any other suggestions?

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