Yo Girl, Which Queen Are You?

Court cards are complicated. I’m talking page, knight, queen and king. They seem to have a lot of different meanings which I’m still coming to grips with. One of the things they can definitely represent is people. People you know or you yourself. I thought it would be fun to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the Queen cards and guess what kind of woman they would be in real life. Keep in mind that Queens represent the epitome of womanhood for each suit. They’re not girls they’re mature women in their prime.

Queen Wands

The Queen of Wands: The ultimate multi-tasker. She’s the working mum at her ferocious best juggling lots of different balls in the air. Her heart lies wherever her children can be found. Happy to be at home or away. Sporty. Might play tennis once a week to catch up with friends and keep fit. Killing two birds with one stone is her speciality.

Queen Swords

The Queen of Swords: Ms Career Woman. Focused like a heat seeking missile on the task at hand. Able to shrug off distractions with a single shrug of her padded Armani suited shoulders. She’s the one you want arguing your case in court. A stickler for keeping on schedule. Her office is her stronghold. Kids go to creche and eat dinner in front of the television (yes, my hand is up for this last one, guilty as charged your honour.)

Queen Cups

The Queen of Cups: Your basic hippie-hearted Earth mother who lets her kids run around barefoot in winter and stay up until they fall asleep on the couch. She probably also talks to them like their adults, lol. Always running late for appointments. Artistic but never makes any money out of it. She builds castles in the air. Loves animals.

Queen Pents

The Queen of Pentacles: She’s the one running the PFA, volunteering for school canteen duty and tut tutting over those mothers who let their offspring run wild at cafes and restaurants (See Queen of Cups above). Bakes a damn fine muffin for afternoon tea and always has dinner ready when hubby comes home. Probably expects everyone to eat at the table to boot. Her spick and span house is her castle.

Of course there’s more to it than that but I’m feeling flippant today. So girls, which queen are you?

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