Why The Devil Card Is Your Friend

The Devil

There’s a numerology trick you can do with your birthdate to work out which Tarot card rules you each year. I’ve found this formula very reliable and will share it with you one day (if you ask me I’ll share it with you tomorrow.) Next year I’m going to be living under the influence of The Devil card and I’m nervous about that.

Last time this card ruled my year I met a guy who broke my heart and was utterly miserable. But here’s the thing, eventually I was forced to acknowledge that it was my choice not to be in that relationship. He did things that didn’t sit well with me. This caused me to reluctantly break up with him the first time and criticise him so that he broke up with me the second time. There were more times than that but I won’t go on. Pathetic isn’t it. That’s who you are in The Devil card. Are you listening Rihanna?

I am the queen of what I call ‘Relationship Interruptus’. In other words, my relationships have been very short-lived. But that particular experience taught me that I’m responsible for this situation. That it has been my choice. Because I’d rather write than have a partner.

I also got my weight under control for the first time in my life during that year. Because I was so miserable I undertook a strict diet that changed my body chemistry. And that brought me a great deal of satisfaction. The Devil card contains great power if you can tap into it. That’s his gift. This is how The Devil is your friend. As well as the fact that he acts as a massive warning warning danger danger alert card to prevent you from making terrible mistakes. And we all need one of those, don’t we?

As for next year, well, I have very strong poverty consciousness so I’m guessing I’m going to be hit where it will hurt most, in the wallet. I’m planning renovations in April-May and am worried this is going to chain me to a debt burden I’m not currently equipped to manage. The Devil card would suggest this is indeed the case. I’d be much better off waiting until the following year when I’m under the influence of The Tower card to do my renovations. The Tower represents breaking down old structures, loll. But the issue will be whether I can wait. My house is falling apart and is uncomfortable to live in and I feel under pressure from my daughter to make it nicer for her too. The Devil often involves social pressure. He says you should never let others make choices for you but when it’s your children it’s hard to say no.

People are scared of The Devil card for good reason. It’s hard to face up to your weaknesses. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it or not. (But if any of my friends are reading this post no doubt you’ll remind me and thanks for that.)  The Devil card needs to look good and scary or you might not pay attention to him.

How do you feel about The Devil card?

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