Reading: The Tower + The Six Of Cups

Today we’re going to explore what The Tower + The Six of Cups signify when they turn up together in a reading. Let’s look first at the shades of meaning each card carries.

The Tower: Reaching breaking point. Having a breakthrough. A dramatic shift in circumstance. Being blasted out of your comfort zone. Being woken up. Destruction. Your foundations being shaken. Enlightenment.

The Six of Cups: First love. Living the fairytale. Living in a fantasy world. Being delusional. A person or event from the past.

Note: The order the cards appear in affects the message you’re being given.

The Tower + The Six of Cups:

Someone breaks up with you but you refuse to accept it.

Breaking up with someone and running home to your parents.

Experiencing a difficult life event which makes you delusional.

Receiving money from someone out of the blue and using it to fund your dream life.

The Six of Cups + The Tower:

Breaking up with your first love.

Meeting up with someone from your past which triggers a revelation about yourself or your past.

Being delusional which results in a serious incident.

A fantasy novel you’ve written gets published.

Any other suggestions?

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