The Fool + Death: Dumb Ways To Die!

So. As well as sharing ideas about Tarot cards I want this blog to be a bit of light-hearted fun. To that end I am dedicating my post today to an AWESOME video clip made by the train authority in my home town of Melbourne (who’d have thunk it?) It’s called ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ and you can find it on Youtube at I will also post it to my Facebook ‘The Tarot Teaclub’ page.

The video was made to discourage people from acting in a life-endangering manner around trains. Trying to sneak around boom gates in their car or jumping down onto the tracks to collect something that’s been dropped. That sort of thing. This is very much a Fool + Death scenario. The Fool card represents idiots in every shade. Funny ones or just plain stupid (or both). It’s number 0 in Life Lessons Tarot i.e. The know nothing card.

The Fool’s always good for a laff. Enjoy!

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