The Two Great Ages Of The Chariot Card

The Chariot

The Chariot is a Life Lesson card (aka Major Arcana for you Tarot old schoolers.) As such it represents a major phase in the life of everyman/woman. A chariot is basically an old-fashioned car. So its pretty easy to work out when this card comes into play in your life.

The first Great Age of the Chariot equates to the time when you start driving. When it’s all about your car. Yoo-hoo! Remember those days? When you’d drive deep into the country or far down the coast just because you could. When you’d leap at the chance to offer your mates a lift somewhere. Anywhere. When your eyes would glaze over at the mere thought of car accessories. We’re talking roughly the 18-25 year old age bracket. Car hoons are like The Chariot card gone wild.

For me, the second Great Age of the Chariot comes when your entire relationship with your children takes place within the confines of a moving vehicle. Because God knows they won’t talk to you anywhere else. Certainly not in public. Not even at home where they spend every possible moment locked in their rooms. I’m taking teenagers of course. There’s something about being trapped in a car with the parentals that sets a teens tongue wagging as they are taken back and forth to their part-time jobs or to visit school friends on the other side of town or picked up from parties in the wee hours of the morning. (Maybe the police should investigate this method of interrogation? Works for me.)

I am definitely in the latter phase of life. Whereas my children are on the verge of the other. I almost look forward to driving them places so I can find out what the hell they’re up to. Almost. (I’d rather a good book and cup of tea in bed, ha!)

Are you living in one of the Great Ages of the Chariot? Please share.

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