Can You Change Your Tarot Future?

I do a special Tarot card spread on my birthday each year. It gives me three Tarot cards to represent each month of the following year and three to represent my year as a whole. I don’t particularly like knowing my future (because it can look depressing) but I usually can’t resist having a peek and I find it a great way to deepen my understanding of the cards.

The three cards I got for this month are as follows:

2 SwordsTwo Of Swords: The ‘leave me the hell alone’ card.


I often get over-stimulated and overwhelmed at this crazy time of year and feel the need to stay at home for long spells of what I call ‘dark cupboard time’.


The Empress. A lady of leisure and pleasure.

Double check.

As you know I spent a ridiculous amount of money updating my DVD collection on the weekend without bothering to see if I could actually afford it (doh!) I’ve booked a full body massage for later this week. Something I always want but rarely do. Not to mention I’m spending a great deal of my time at the moment lolling around on my bed reading novels. And I thought I wasn’t in touch with my inner Empress, ha!

But here’s where we come a cropper…

8 Swords

Eight of Swords: Over-thinking something. Feeling trapped, powerless, under pressure to hold your tongue, anxious about your next step. A victim. Unable to see a way forward.

Um, no.

Even though it’s now confirmed that I have to move into a new position at my workplace next year I don’t feel scared about that. I would have last year. Maybe even six months ago. But now I feel more like this…

The Fool

The Fool: Open to the possibility it could be a good move for me.

So what I’m wondering is: Can you change your Tarot future? (Or is the Eight of Swords going to rear it’s ugly head in a different way over the next couple of weeks?) I guess I believe that you can. That we have free will and the potential to change our destinies no matter what the cards say. And I think the further Tarot tries to predict into the future the less reliable it gets.

But what do you think? Especially those of you with experience of the cards. Please share.


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