The Eight Cards: A Deepening Of The Tarot Journey

The Eight cards in Tarot signal a shift in the journey through each suit. They ask that you dig deeper inside yourself than you ever have before. They ask you to be brave. To face challenging situations full-on. Take a look…

8 Wands

Eight of Wands: Being rewarded for the effort you’ve put in and now having to step up to the plate in some new aspect of your career/life e.g. A bank finally gives you that mortgage you were after and now you’re going to commit yourself to actually buying a house. Yikes!

8 Cups

Eight of Cups: Leaving behind a relationship/career/home to search for something better. It’s never easy to let go of something, no matter how unsatisfying it may be, when you have nothing in particular to replace it with.

8 Swords

Eight of Swords: Fighting your own negative self-beliefs. The hardest critic to ignore is the one who lives inside your own head.

8 Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles: Working harder than you’ve ever worked before. Because you’re committed to some goal you want to achieve and nothing is more important than that. As my new favourite saying goes: You don’t get what you wish for. You get what you work for!

Even in Life Lesson Tarot the number eight signifies a deepening of the Tarot journey. It’s the step from childhood into adulthood.


Strength: Standing up for yourself.

So if you get a number eight card be brave. It won’t be easy. But know that Tarot wouldn’t give you this card if it didn’t think you were up to the challenge. And the reward is a significant one. Inner strength. Empowerment. Feeling like a proper grown-up in other words. In charge of your life. A fully fledged adult!

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