The Tarot of Prince Phillip’s Passing

The death of Prince Phillip, consort to Queen Elizabeth, has made news around the world this week. Let’s dive into the Tarot of this a little bit, shall we?

With his passing, Britain has been plunged into this…

Five of Cups: Mourning

The British press has been united in lauding him…

Knight of Cups: The knight in shining armour

Even though they spent years doing this…

Five of Swords: Sticking in the knives

Prince Phillip was definitely…

The Emperor Reversed: A fallible man (aren’t we all?)

However, he was also…

King of Wands: A man of great achievements

I currently run a Duke of Edinburgh club at the school where I teach. Prince Phillip created this award scheme to encourage personal growth in young people. It has been incredibly successful in this endeavour for many decades, and I am proud to be a part of it.

But perhaps his greatest achievement was this…

It wasn’t easy for him to always walk two steps behind the queen, but he did.

Judgement: Serving a higher good

He had to give up this completely…

The Fool: Freedom to do what he wanted when he wanted

His experience must have felt a lot like this at times…

The Devil: Willing enslavement

Vale Prince Phillip!

May he rest now in peace!

First World Problems

My air conditioner’s broken and it’s 39 degrees outside. Tomorrow it’s going to be 42. Luckily I have a lovely air-conditioner mechanic who’s going to pop by in the morning to give the pipes a squiz. In the meantime I get an instant sweat lodge which’ll give me a thorough New Year’s detox. Oh yay!

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Five Of Swords + Seven Of Swords: Putting The Me In Mean Girls

Five Of Swords: Being mean + Seven Of Swords: Sneaking around behind other’s backs

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The Tarot Of Being A Writer

I’ve been writing novels in my leisure time for years. Haven’t finished any yet but here are some things I’ve learned along the way…

It takes two things to be a writer:

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The Tarot Of Shane Koyczan’s Anti-Bullying Love Poem ‘To This Day’

A Canadian poet by the name of Shane Koyczan posted an animated spoken poem called ‘To This Day’ to YouTube a week or so ago which has gone viral. It deals with the profound and lasting impact bullying at school can have on the individual. This is an issue which has impacted my immediate family in a profound way over the last couple of years and is close to my heart. I’m going to examine the Tarot of the poem which you can find on my Facebook page or at

Knight Swords

Knight Of Swords: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

The author was removed from the care of his loving Continue reading

The Tarot Of The Dark Knight Rises!

I finally got around to watching The Dark Knight Rises months after everyone else. Am not a big fan of movie violence so was a bit meh about the action but enjoyed the characters and the plot. Let’s have a look at the Tarot of this movie…


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Five Of Swords: Woman Uses Xmas Lights To Flip The Bird

I love this story. Apparently some woman in LA has created an image of ‘flipping the bird’ with her Christmas lights because she’s feuding with her neighbours. I love it ’cause with the best will in the world you just can’t be ho ho ho 24/7. Even at Xmas. It’s not normal. I like how she’s being honest about her feelings in this really creative way. That she was so committed to her anger she went to all the trouble to write it in lights. That she’s not giving into the pressure to be cheerful just because it’s Xmas.

I’ve been tossing up which Tarot card represents her actions and have settled on this one.

5 SwordsFive Of Swords: A man steals another man’s swords away. In this case, a woman has stolen other people’s Xmas joy by flipping the bird at them in lights.

Do you think this is the right card to choose?

P.S I will post a link to the news article on my Facebook page so you can see the lights for yourself.