The Empress: The Motherhood Rap

Well you know I love a good bit of popular culture. I watched this hilarious kick ass video today on YouTube called ‘The Motherhood Rap’ which has gone viral. In it a woman sings about being a mum all in the aid of selling a particular brand of car. Those advertisement kids are getting more and more creative aren’t they?

On so many levels the video embodies this card:

The Empress

The Empress: The mother. The mess. The singing. The dancing. The sheer creativity of the ad. The staying in your pjs for months at a time. The weight gain (The Empress doesn’t care about her figure. She likes being all woman. The more curves the better.) The fecundity. The milk expressing. The garden hose. The over-ripe handbag. The joy of slopping food all over the laptop. The laziness (Why cook when you can eat leftover fish fingers for dinner?) The sitting around with girlfriends drinking wine (okay, they were supposed to be discussing books but seriously all the book clubs I know are just an excuse to get together and eat and talk.) The flooding of other’s timelines with baby news. The cake baking. The orgasms (although The Empress doesn’t fake hers.) The playing with toys. The dress ups.

You can find the clip under The Motherhood Rap on You Tube ( and I’ll post it on my Facebook page. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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