Friday Night Fun: Mom Texts

As a mom (or mum, as we’re called here in Australia), I’m always happy to laugh at our funny ways.

Here, for your Friday night enjoyment, is a selection of┬ámy favourite Mom Texts…

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The Blessing of A Selfish Mom

I often talk about the blessing of having a selfish mom. Or rather, mum, as we refer to female parents here in Australia. This goes against conventional wisdom of course. Most peeps think a selfish mom is a bad mom. Women are under enormous pressure to put everyone else’s needs before their own. From their children. Their husbands. The parents at the school gate. The media. Their own expectations of what’s right.

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The Tarot Of Christmas Holidays

As some peeps begin to return to work after the long Christmas-New Year break I thought it might be a good time to explore the Tarot of these holidays.

10 Wands

Ten Of Wands: How we feel before the holidays begin. Over-burdened. Exhausted. Especially at Christmas time when present shopping and school concerts and card sending and work functions are added to the usual load.

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The Tarot Of Elections

It’s the day after the election here in Australia and while most peeps are probably nursing a hangover after celebrating the win or the loss I thought I’d have a look at the Tarot Of Elections.

The Empress

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The Empress’s Love Affair With Chocolate!

The Empress

I don’t keep chocolate in the house. It’s too much temptation. I’m one of those people who just can’t stop eating it once I start. But unfortunately I have daughters who like to hoard the darn stuff in the kitchen cupboard. Right in my eyeline. Most of the time I can resist but every now and then I crack. And tonight was one of those nights. I mean seriously, who can ignore the siren call of Lindt’s Crunchy Caramel when they’ve been looking at it for over a month? It was a case of my inner Empress (indulgence) winning out over my inner Emperor (self-discipline).

The Empress has an ongoing love affair with chocolate. What about you?