The Lovers: That Loving Feeling Takes A Lot Of Work!

The Lovers

Have a close look at The Lovers card. The man is looking at the woman while the woman stares up at an angel in heaven. The lovers are not in synch in other words. They have a different focus. Different priorities. The challenge of every relationship is to stay together even though you and your partner will not always be in tune.

Luckily we have a plethora of experts to help us work out how to achieve this. The Personal Health columnist for The New York Times recently suggested the following as the keys to success in a long-term relationship.

Appreciation: Remind yourself of what it is you like about your partner. Go on! You’ll think of something.

Variety: Keep things fresh by trying new things together (and we’re not just talking about in the bedroom, although that too.)

Support: Support your partner’s dreams (no matter how ridiculous they may seem.)

Nonsexual physical touch: Women love this and the funny thing is the more you do it the more it leads to the other kind, lol.

Positive Interactions: Try to have more positive interactions than negative ones. Keep count if you have to.

What is your best long-term relationship advice?

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