The Tarot of Being a Butthole Wife


I read an interesting article today entitled ‘Stop Being a Butthole Wife’. It was written by a woman who realised after she was widowed how nagging had damaged her relationship with her husband. You can read the original article here:¬†

Of course, being a butthole cuts both ways. You can be a butthole husband as much as a butthole wife. How? By focussing your attention on the small faults that upset you, rather than the overall awesomeness that made you choose that partner in the first place.

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The Lovers: That Loving Feeling Takes A Lot Of Work!

The Lovers

Have a close look at The Lovers card. The man is looking at the woman while the woman stares up at an angel in heaven. The lovers are not in synch in other words. They have a different focus. Different priorities. The challenge of every relationship is to stay together even though you and your partner will not always be in tune.

Luckily we have a plethora of experts to help us work out how to achieve this. The Personal Health columnist for The New York Times recently suggested the following as the keys to success in a long-term relationship.

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