Praying With Tarot

The High Priestess

My post today is inspired by one written by Caitlin Matthews, goddess of prehistoric European civilisation, pagan lore and Tarot. If she was a Tarot card she’d definitely be the High Priestess. Like Rachel Pollack who brought this post to my attention, she has laid down tracks for others to follow.

In her post Caitlin writes about using Tarot cards to pray. This might seem an odd thing to suggest. That Tarot could have anything to do with prayer. But in a way that’s its true purpose. The best way to use Tarot. Not predicting the future or gaining psychological insights, useful as they may be, but using the cards as a genuine spiritual guide.

As Caitlin says, some people find the connection of prayer to Tarot cards preposterous. But Christians and other followers of religions don’t have a monopoly on prayer. Anyone can do it. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow. Tarot cards can be used as just another tool to get you in the zone. Like a written prayer. The words, the symbols, are a springboard for the conversation between you and the Creator.

So how do you pray with Tarot? Caitlin gives some practical examples in her post here: But as a rough guide, try the following. First of all, as in a reading, think of the person or situation that you want to pray about, then shuffle and pick a card. Focus on that card. Ask yourself, what pops out at you and what might that signify. Then, if another question arises, pick another card. Keep going until all your questions have been answered. In that way, you can use Tarot cards to have a conversation with God/the Universal Power/whatever you want to call it.

Would you be willing to use Tarot cards to pray?

2 thoughts on “Praying With Tarot

    • Hi lanilyn, This blog is about helping peeps to understand and use Tarot cards for themselves. I’m not big on fortune telling ’cause you can end up feeling chained to a particular outcome. I prefer to use the cards for day-to-day advice and general guidance in the now. Sorry I can’t help you. Cheers, tan.

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