Strength Reversed: The Accidental Revolutionary

Strength R

Hot off the Associated Press printing machines:

We can all relate to the hero with a secret double life. He is the stuff of legend: Batman, Spiderman, Indiana Jones, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Well here comes another to add to that list.

A British professor has been covertly prowling the English countryside screwdriver in hand scrawling graffiti into the paintwork of luxury cars. Being the good chap that he obviously is the graffiti is always polite. He scratches in messages such as ‘very silly’ or ‘really wrong’ and ‘arbitrary’. One gets the feeling he doesn’t have a high regard for the lifestyles of the rich and possibly famous.

One of the things I love about this story is that the professor specializes in cities and urban life. So on the one hand he seems to despise those who have grown financially fat in an urban environment (cause let’s face it, how many farmers own Mercedes?) And on the other hand his day job is to focus on the very environment in which these fat cats thrive.

Sadly our hero didn’t declare in court that his actions were a personal protest against rampant Western materialism but the result of a toxic combination of alcohol, antibiotics and prescription medication. But I’d like to think there’s a revolutionary hidden in the poor bloke’s breast just dying to bust out every time he lets his guard down i.e. gets hammered.

I’m filing this one under Strength Reversed. Because if the man had balls he’d be scratching his secret thoughts onto those damn capitalist machines in the full light of day. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see rich bastards get pulled down a peg or two by having their precious mechanical babies roughed up a little bit.

So what’s it to be…Is this man some kind of hero or just your ordinary everyday vandal?

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