The Many Faces Of Tarot

Sean BeanI am a story teller not a fortune teller. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (as Seinfeld would say.) It’s just there’s so much more to Tarot cards.

Personally, I believe they’re a relic from the prehistoric era. This epoch’s contribution to the formation of Western Civilisation has been vastly underestimated IMHO. Before we wrote down our wisdom in words we drew it in pictures. They were our holy books. Our teachers. Our counsellors. But when the written word took over this aspect of pictography was forgotten. Only the fortune telling element remained. As a stain. A slur on the achievements of our ancestors. Which has stopped the vast majority (but not the curious few) from exploring Tarot cards in depth.

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Tarot Thoughts On Blogging

So, I’ve been blogging for a while now and thought I’d explore my experience through Tarot cards…

Page Swords

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The High Priestess: We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams

The High PriestessMy dreaming life is still all about teaching. My day dreams. Even my night ones. Once I’ve worked out what concepts I need to teach in my classroom I spend hours researching lessons on the net, doodling down ideas in my work program and discussing plans with my co-workers, until I feel like I’ve hit on the right approach. Then I move onto the next topic. Last night I dreamt about a lesson coming up this week and realised in the dream I had crammed too much stuff in (as usual) and would need to change my lesson plan.

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Praying With Tarot

The High Priestess

My post today is inspired by one written by Caitlin Matthews, goddess of prehistoric European civilisation, pagan lore and Tarot. If she was a Tarot card she’d definitely be the High Priestess. Like Rachel Pollack who brought this post to my attention, she has laid down tracks for others to follow.

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