The Two Sides Of Ace Cards

Until recently I thought I had the Ace cards all figured out. But then I realised that just like their playing card doppelgängers they have two sides. On the one hand they signify beginnings. And on the other they signify a bonus of some sort.

In playing cards the Ace can equal 1 or 11. In Tarot an Ace can symbolise the start of something or a great blessing being bestowed in some area of your life. Often they signify both at once i.e. The new thing coming into your life IS a great gift.

Let’s take them suit by suit.

Ace Wands

Ace Of Wands: A signal to ‘go for it’. Developing a latent talent. Receiving a job offer. Sinking your teeth into a new project. Having a breakthrough. Inventing a better way of doing something. Taking a bold step forwards to expand your horizons.

Ace Cups

Ace Of Cups: Pregnancy. Meeting someone with relationship potential be it friend or lover. Receiving spiritual guidance. Being forgiven or forgiving someone yourself. Opening your heart to someone. Becoming creative or being blessed with artistic inspiration. Falling in love.

Ace Swords

Ace Of Swords: Having a breakthrough thought. Cutting through the crap with ease. Experiencing a moment of clear communication. Getting justice. Finding out the truth. Championing a cause. Overcoming adversity. Resolving a situation.

Ace Pents

Ace Of Pentacles: Coming into money or property. Achieving a concrete result. Getting healthier (it rhymes with wealthier for a reason, lol.) Creating a garden. Going bush. Building something that is deeply satisfying. Feeling safe.

What do you think all you Tarot aficionados out there? Does this make sense? Let me know in the comments section below.

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