Gotye Remixed: The Hanged Man & Page Of Swords Reversed

GotyeThe video link I’m giving you today is a YouTube parody of the Gotye song that’s been a worldwide hit. Instead of singing ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ the Gotye character in the clip sings ‘Some Study That I Used To Know.’ His point being that he learnt lots of stuff at school he’s now forgotten. As he says, ‘Why did I have to learn this stuff? It has never come in handy, never used it for nothing.’

The Kimbra figure in the clip represents a teacher who’s pissed off that her hard work teaching him was for nothing. Which seems a bit egocentric of her. Surely she should be disappointed on his behalf. Because he’s let himself down. Failed to reach his full potential. (You can tell I’m a teacher, huh!)

I’m filing this under two Tarot cards. From his point of view…

The Hanged Man R

The Hanged Man Reversed: He’s gone through an arduous process yet learnt nothing. His time has been wasted.

From hers…

Page Swords R

Page Of Swords Reversed: He has failed to live up to expectations. Forgotten stuff he knew. His thoughts as waffly as the fluffy clouds floating in the background. He’s unprepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

You can find the clip at or on my Facebook page. Enjoy!

Who do you think is to blame for this situation? The Gotye character for not studying hard enough or the teacher for making him learn useless information?

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