The Tarot Of Translation

I’m currently working on an Italian translation of a brochure for my sister (hmmm, should be doing it right now in fact.) Years ago I lived in Italy for awhile and when I returned home I taught the language for ten years. Stretching my Italian thinking skills again has got me contemplating the Tarot of Translation. What cards in the Tarot deck might represent this act?

The first that comes to mind is this one…

2 Wands

Two Of Wands: A man holds the world in one hand and stares out at the horizon as if pondering the possibilities that await in other lands. In his other hand is a wand and another stands by his side. Two wands all up. There are two languages involved in the act of translation. Two cultures. Wands represent skills and translating definitely requires a great deal of skill. The drawback with this card is that the leading man seems to be planning rather than doing something. But then translation requires a great deal of pondering in your head. Working out which word in the other language not only matches the definition but would also be used in that context.

An Internet search of the words ‘Tarot’ and ‘translation’ led me to this card…

The Magician

The Magician: Making magic happen. Being a bridge between worlds. Using a great deal of skill to perform an amazing act. Translation is certainly a magical act. One that bridges worlds.

So maybe the Tarot of Translation is both these cards put together. I haven’t written many posts about card combinations but I’m gonna take a punt and declare one today.

Or do you have a better suggestion? Please share.

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