Mystic Medusa: High Priestess Of Astrology

The High Priestess

I want to share my love for my favourite astrologer today. Her name is Mystic Medusa and you can find her site at Here are the reasons she’s awesome…

*Her predictions are spookily accurate.

*She lets peeps read her blog posts for free.

*She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

*Her writing is tres` funky. Hilarious. And to the point.

*The prices she charges for access to her horoscopes are ridiculously reasonable.

*She’s always throwing in free astrological musings for subscribers and sometimes let’s us choose what to pay for stuff.

*She encourages peeps to help each understand the whole mystical science of astrology. Has built an online community that’s witty, generous and kind.

What more could one ask for in an astrologer?

Note: I’ve not been paid to give this recommendation. Mystic wouldn’t know me from a bar of soap. I worship her from afar. As one does any High Priestess.

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