Tarot, Psychics And Intuitive Intelligence

Crystal BallI consider myself a writer rather than a psychic. Sure I’ve been using Tarot cards for years but mostly I just do readings for myself. Use the Tarot like an Agony Aunt In A Box to broaden my perspective on what’s happening in my life. I’m more interested in exploring it’s imagery, it’s historical and pop culture associations than I am in using Tarot as a tool to predict the future. That’s the writer in me. The poetic part that’s fascinated by the information that was encoded in images in the ancient European world whether written on Tarot cards or in myths.

Unlike myself, there are many Tarot readers out there who claim to have psychic gifts. To ‘know’ the future. And I believe them. Why not? I don’t think they get it right all the time because no one can. And as I’ve explained before on this blog I’m not a big fan of letting other’s predict your future because it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But I do believe it’s possible to ‘know’ stuff on a deep level.

I think that as well as rational and emotional intelligence there is also such a thing as intuitive intelligence. That you can just ‘know’ things. The modern world doesn’t value this ability and so because we don’t practice this skill or train ourselves most of us only use a small amount of this intelligence in our daily life. Psychics are those who are naturally highly tuned into this source of information. From what I gather that can be as much a curse as a blessing. It must be hard to know things others don’t especially if there are tragic ramifications and nothing you can do about that.

I have this whole theory going on about human intelligence. That there are more types than we give credit to. Back in the 90s I came up with the idea of emotional intelligence all by myself and was gobsmacked to see it suddenly popularised by someone else. My ex-husband can vouch for this. But I would extend this idea further. We have a rational intelligence that is seated in our mind, an emotional intelligence seated in our heart, an intuitive intelligence seated in our gut and a body intelligence seated at a cellular level. Maybe there are even more. As Shakespeare declared, ‘There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies.’ Whilst I’m a fan of the scientific method I believe it’s vision is limited by the tools at its disposal and that it’s the writer’s job to come up with hypotheses to explain what science cannot.

More women than men seem to be psychic. Maybe that’s because it’s more acceptable for women to use their intuition. If I was going to choose a card to represent them I guess it would be this one…

The High Priestess

The High Priestess: Holder of secret knowledge.

Do you consider yourself to be psychic? How do you experience your abilities? Are they a blessing or a curse?

2 thoughts on “Tarot, Psychics And Intuitive Intelligence

  1. I believe everyone has the ability to be psychic. I like to relate it to my classroom teachings. I’m a music teacher and truly believe everyone has the ability to sing and play instruments. Some students are more naturally gifted, pick the skills up easily, or are just more interested in it than others. Psychic ability is somewhat the same I feel. If you’re drawn to it and enjoy working with it you’ll be more successful then ones who don’t. Like you I mostly do readings for myself and rarely for the future. I usually will do a reading to gain further insight to a situation or to look at something in a different light.

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