The Tarot Of Shane Koyczan’s Anti-Bullying Love Poem ‘To This Day’

A Canadian poet by the name of Shane Koyczan posted an animated spoken poem called ‘To This Day’ to YouTube a week or so ago which has gone viral. It deals with the profound and lasting impact bullying at school can have on the individual. This is an issue which has impacted my immediate family in a profound way over the last couple of years and is close to my heart. I’m going to examine the Tarot of the poem which you can find on my Facebook page or at

Knight Swords

Knight Of Swords: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

The author was removed from the care of his loving grandmother for a few days because of a misunderstanding. At home they called pork chops, karate chops. When he bruised himself falling out of a tree and was asked at school what his grandmother did when he felt sad he responded ‘She gives me karate chops.’ Hence the temporary removal. He was subsequently nick-named ‘pork chop’ by his peers and picked on. Adults with the best of intentions can create more problems than they solve.

6 Cups

Six Of Cups: Fantasy. Childhood.

We have this fantasy that childhood is always rosy. But many children experience traumatic events. Sometimes right beneath the watchful eye of adults.

5 Swords

Five Of Swords: Bullying

I can’t help but feel it’s shameful that we as a supposedly-enlightened modern society condone an education system in which bullying is rife.

3 Swords

Three Of Swords: Ancient Grief

I couldn’t agree more with Shane’s declaration that the childhood rhyme ‘Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never harm you’ is not only a lie but a dangerous one at that. If anything, the damage from thoughtless words goes deeper, is harder to heal. You can carry the pain with you into adult life.


Strength: It takes enormous courage to keep getting up and face the day when experiencing bullying over an extended period of time. And it’s not a struggle that stops once you leave school and/or the bullying ends either. It’s a lifelong battle. Because even when you stop hearing cruel words from others you hear them in your head.

The Moon

Moon: Revealing hidden depths.

Tarot says it’s possible to reprogram your psyche, to erase the pain, but it isn’t easy. The Moon card which represents this experience comes right near the end of Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana.)


Judgement: Taking community action for the benefit of others.

Many people came together to make this video clip a reality. It’s the first step in an ongoing anti-bullying project. If you are interested in participating check out the ‘This Day Project’ website at You can also help the project by sharing the animation with your family and friends.

Ace Cups

Ace Of Cups: A gift of love.

As I’ve said before I want to celebrate the inspiring things people do everyday on this blog. I think this video clip is a great gift of love for those who suffered bullying throughout their school years. It helps you feel less alone. Bless Shane and all those who helped make this project a reality!

Were you bullied at school? Does that experience still impact you today?

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