King Of Wands: Seven Things Confident Leaders Don’t Do

King Wands

Wands cards don’t lack chutzpah or confidence and the King of Wands is the most confident one of all. Here are 7 things he wouldn’t do in the workplace courtesy of Steve Tobak, a popular business blogger in the United States.

He wouldn’t…

1. Do what everyone else is doing: He has too much confidence in his own abilities to follow the pack. He’d get bored doing that anyway.

2. Worry about weaknesses: Too much self-belief can be his blind spot actually. But the beauty of not worrying about your weaknesses is that whatever obstacles you come up against you believe you can find your way through.

3. Waste a lot of time: He’s too busy to waste time. Things to do, people to see, life to live.

4. Try to be successful: It’s the excitement of his projects that drives him. Fame and prosperity just come with the territory. He does what he loves and reaps the rewards.

5. Breathe his own fumes: Hmmm, actually the King Of Wands can be guilty of this. A bit of arse-licking is smiled upon. He has to watch this one. If he never listens to others sooner or later he will come a cropper.

6. Fear competition: Why waste time worrying about others? He knows he can be the best in his field. And because he believes that he makes it happen.

7. Try to be what he’s not: The King Of Wands is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t feel like he has anything to prove. Is easy to deal with. A natural networker.

You can find the original article here:

Do you agree with this list? Anything you’d add?

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